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How to Shift Into a New Role Successfully

One thing I learned during my corporate days was the lesson of how to approach shifting into a new position within the same company. I learned it was important to “take it and make it my own.” It is important to know or find out, what is unique and likeable about yourself that you could possibly bring out and use within this new position.

For example, during my first two years at The Bold and the Beautiful, I was at the front desk before moving to Internship Coordinator and eventually Production Coordinator. When I was shifting from the front desk to the Internship Coordinator, I was taking over for someone who had been in that position for two years as well. I was pretty nervous to take over that role. It seemed it was a tall order to fill given everyone just adored the current Internship Coordinator. But I had my own cheerful spirit and wanted to spread that to the interns in this new position.

A good friend of mine and current Producer at The Bold and the Beautiful, Casey Kasprzyk, was taking over my position at the front desk. One day I was chatting with him and expressing my nervousness about how I wasn’t sure if I could do as good of a job in the position. There wasn’t going to be formal training as it wasn’t that organized so I felt I was just diving into the new position. In my head, I kept comparing how I was doing with what she had done in the job. Casey stopped me and said, “Diane… stop worrying about what other people did in that position. Take it and make it your own.” His words shot through me. Take it and make it my own.

I went home that night and thought about that concept. It made perfect sense. I then came up with a great little idea. The staff and actors have mailboxes and are kept in the loop about everything going on within the company. The interns, however, did not and were often quite confused. I wanted to make sure the interns were appreciated, kept in the loop, and felt a part of this amazing family run company. So I decided I would make little mailboxes for them. Now, I know that seems extremely small, but sometimes it’s the little things that count and can really make a difference. I was thinking like a leader and asking myself how I would feel if I was an intern (and I had been an intern back in college). I asked myself, “How would I feel more ‘in the loop’ of things if I were currently an intern?”

I was so excited that I thought of this idea of the mailboxes. I told Casey as well as my support system of family and friends. It turned out to be just what the interns needed to feel included. They loved it and that made me smile. I took my own unique and positive spirit and made a change. I took that position and made it my own!

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